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Inspired by the Streets of Buenos Aires.

Like many artists, I was born with a butterfly brain.

I start things, and then invariably I get distracted by something else, and embark on a new project.

However, I do at least try to finish things these days, and have managed to create a

series of drawings.

I've visited Buenos Aires three times now, and hope to go back next year, if all hasn't fallen to pieces politically over there - troubling times for the Argentinians.

Each time I've been, I have been blown away by the architecture around the city, the light, the contrast between wealth and poverty, the new and the old, the urban and the green spaces. So I took photos, of course, and from these I've created 6 china line and ink drawings, and now I'm working on 4 acrylic canvasses, something which is completely new for me.

I've managed to complete one, but as is invariably the way when looking at your own work, you can see tightness and maybe too much of what I don't like about me in the work. I am obviously a glutton for punishment, and probably slightly masochistic, because I keep on going, even though I look at my work and think - mmmh.. 'Not what I was after', maybe I need to develop a mind freeing habit, to remove myself from my overly conscious way of painting...

Don't worry - I'm not going to.

I'm going to do it the hard way, just keep painting and painting and painting, until something good pops out.. bit like the work of 'Prince', a lot of crap was produced for a few gems to appear. Although I'd be a bit arrogant to think my artistic work could be compared to the talent of Prince, but - you know what I mean!

The painting above is (as you may have noticed) not finished, I'm happy with how the light is working in places, and mustn't be tempted to over work it.

And below is one of the B&W china ink drawings I have finished, and plan to get produced as a giclée print.

I will add to this blog as I go. Thought I'd better get started at least - don't know if I'll ever finish!

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